South Meath Driving School

Making Irish Roads Safer

We use a 1.4 litre Toyota Yaris.

    Dual control means the tutor has a clutch and brake pedal on the passenger side for demonstration or emergency purposes.
    This car is very easy to drive and allows good vision in all directions.
    Diesel engine and manual gears.
    Seats are adjustable to suit small or tall people. Wing mirrors electronically adjustable
    Perfect for learning to drive.

About SMDS


South Meath Driving School is owned and directed by Louis Moran an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)  under the terms and standards set down by the Irish Road Safety Authority in 2007.  We specialise in Class B, which is cars/ jeeps with a seating capacity for up to 8 passengers (with a maximum weight of 3,500kg incl trailer.)

Initially, Louis trained as an instructor with the Quinn Driving School and otherwise underwent an exacting three week driving course at the Garda College driving school in Templemore. While that leaves him fully acquainted with the ‘advanced’ aspects of driving and driving instruction, it also leaves him very conscious of the qualities required for what is termed ‘defensive driving’ which will become the framework for YOU, the learner driver. We see those qualities manifest themselves in SAFETY, EFFICIENCY, THOUGHTFULNESS and PATIENCE

We will train you to drive for life, not just to pass a driving test. Our aim is to let you enjoy each progressive lesson and ultimately make you a skilful driver who will help make our roads a safer place and for you to feel worthy to be the holder of a full Driving Licence.

driving_lessonsThe pass rate of our students compares with the best and where he or she applies the adage that success is bred on 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration, then I will more than match it

There is a programme for the various category of student-

  • The beginner, starting from scratch.
  • Assessment drive for one who’s up and at it
  • The ‘midway’ driver
  • The test-driver ‘crash’ course
  • Pre-test drive
  • Extra, post test lessons, e.g. motorway, inclement weather etc
  • The ‘returning’ driver, who’s been abroad or just quit for some time