South Meath Driving School

Making Irish Roads Safer

We use a 1.4 litre Toyota Yaris.

    Dual control means the tutor has a clutch and brake pedal on the passenger side for demonstration or emergency purposes.
    This car is very easy to drive and allows good vision in all directions.
    Diesel engine and manual gears.
    Seats are adjustable to suit small or tall people. Wing mirrors electronically adjustable
    Perfect for learning to drive.

Our Lessons

About the lessons we provide:

At South Meath Driving School, you will have the same driver throughout the course, who will monitor progress and keep records of each lesson: the student may bring that record home and work on it prior to the next session, thereby identifying weaknesses and having the time to bolster that area in ones own locality, peace and time. Its progress made easier and cheaper, the welfare of the student being paramount. Who is the more apprehensive/nervous when going for a driving lesson, the 17 year old or the 50 year old? By a long shot, it’s the latter one. The younger the starter, the less bad habits they have, so they aren’t an issue. I find it somewhat of an achievement to ‘retrain’ a 50+ yr old and have them pass the test, especially if they’ve failed half a dozen times or so when they come to me! By comparison, coaching the teenybopper is ‘childsplay.’ But, this new system has disturbed a few feathers.

VOUCHERS for all occasions are available at prices quoted.

A ‘Double up’ session is where two members of a family, or two young friends wish to do a lesson at the same time: one observes from the back seat and gleans all the tips available and then switches to the driver role for the next hour, all at no extra cost.

Areas Covered

I am based in Trim, Co Meath, and am available to give driving lessons in the Navan, Naas and Mullingar Test Centre areas.

So, you will find me locally in Navan, Trim, Kells, Kilcock and all outlying areas such as Robinstown, Dunderry, Kilmessan, Ballivor, Athboy, Summerhill.

Services Provided

I will collect and deliver at their homes anyone who has difficulty getting to a central point, especially younger people, this within a 5 mile radius.

Car Insurance Reduction

Where a student undergoes ten driving lessons of one hour each with SMDS, I will sign a certificate to that effect which will enable the receiver to get a reduction of 10% with certain Insurance Companies. Of course THE way to vastly reduce insurance is by passing the test. Invariably, that may amount to a 50% – plus reduction, so choose the right tutor!

Tuition Provided

Having a thorough knowledge of the laws and procedures, I can advise students on all aspects of applying for the Theory Test, how to study for same, right up to the question/answer list required on the day of the driving test.
There have been many changes to the Licensing System in the last few years, with new rules applying to Learner Permit holders, when they must be accompanied and who qualifies as a person who may accompany the holder of such Permit, etc. ‘Knowledge is Power’ and knowing how to apply it is a must for every student.

Learners from Abroad

About 10% of our population now comprises non-Irish nationalities, mainly East European. One could be forgiven for thinking that there should be a language barrier: theres little truth in this. Where necessary, an interpreter can be employed, right up to the point of the driving test. Driving has a language all of its own and I have not experienced any problem with a non English speaking person while so learning. Sign language is the key, its easy!