South Meath Driving School

Making Irish Roads Safer

We use a 1.4 litre Toyota Yaris.

    Dual control means the tutor has a clutch and brake pedal on the passenger side for demonstration or emergency purposes.
    This car is very easy to drive and allows good vision in all directions.
    Diesel engine and manual gears.
    Seats are adjustable to suit small or tall people. Wing mirrors electronically adjustable
    Perfect for learning to drive.

Driving Test

Some learners want to decide when s/he will apply for the driving test. That’s best left to the wisdom of the tutor and I have on a few occasions had students defer their test in order to be adequately prepared and not be throwing good money after bad.

In the weeks before the test, I take the student to the Test Centre, familiarise them with the surroundings and go through each motion as done in the test. That involves a thorough sweep of the’ question/answer’ session of which I provide a written copy. Identification of all road signs and a scan of the Rules of the Road book. I also provide a CD of a driving test. A drive on all the test routes makes the student familiar with that final day and allows them to practice there with, say, a family friend without the cost of an instructor. All the preparation in the world may still see a very nervous driver arrive at the test centre on the given day. That’s where a good instructor steps in, gives reassurance, checks that the car is fully roadworthy, the student has the Permit, that its in date, a brief bonnet check, words of advice, a psychological boost, a drink of water etc and the chance to prove to the tester that all the preparation was worth while. Some may want to go alone for the test. I always advise against that.