South Meath Driving School

Making Irish Roads Safer

We use a 1.4 litre Toyota Yaris.

    Dual control means the tutor has a clutch and brake pedal on the passenger side for demonstration or emergency purposes.
    This car is very easy to drive and allows good vision in all directions.
    Diesel engine and manual gears.
    Seats are adjustable to suit small or tall people. Wing mirrors electronically adjustable
    Perfect for learning to drive.

Posted by Louis on February 12, 2014


At the fingertips of practically every young person is a hoard of information on how to go about taking the various steps to acquiring a full driving licence. The ‘Website,’ in a word. In that line up of information, you will be taken along the road of landmarks to the desired conclusion – all at the click of a mouse.  Nearly every house possesses a PC (personal computer), or alternatively go to your library where access should be available.

The various steps to your Driving Test: website address is < >

The Theory Test –

This  test is designed to check knowledge of topics such as:

  • Rules of the Road
  • Risk perception
  • Eco-driving
  • Hazard awareness
  • Good driving behaviour

The test is computer-based but, like the fast check-in kiosks at airports, is designed for those who have little or no experience of using computers as well as those who do.

You will have a chance to take a practice session on the day before starting on the actual test. If you have special needs please contact the Driver Theory Service and explain your requirements.

Driver Theory Service contact:
1890 606 106 (English language)
1890 606 806 (Irish language)                     The fee is 45 euro.

Book on line at > <

Learner Permit –

If you are applying for your first learner permit you must:

  • Include a theory test certificate for the relevant category along with your learner-permit application, unless the certificate has already been submitted .
  • Present the certificate within two years of the date of issue (date of passing the test).

From the 4th April 2011 all new first time learner permit holders for cars will be required to undertake mandatory essential driver training (EDT)   with an approved driving instructor (ADI). The course is made up of 12 individual one hour lessons. The learner will be able to take the lessons at any point during the learning process and can practice with an accompanying driver during the time while taking lessons. Evidence of completing the lessons will be signed off in a learner’s logbook by the Approved Driving Instructor.

In addition, a number of penal offences have been introduced for learner drivers. These include driving unaccompanied, not displaying ‘L’ plates when driving, and the carrying of a passenger by a learner motorcyclist.

To minimise any potential delays, we strongly recommend that you carefully review the list of documents required when applying for a learner permit or full licence before you attend one of the NDLS centres as not having the correct original documents could mean your application can’t be processed. The list of acceptable documents is available on the RSA website

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